Instagram Pakiet PROFESSIONAL (3 months for the price of 2)

(21 customers' reviews)



Insta-Max is the future of professional Instagram.

  • 10-day lasting campaign min. 90 dni
  • Precise target group selection
  • Followers only from the country pointed by you
  • Increased engagement with your content
  • Comprehensive account audit (by phone)
  • Dedicated phone support
  • Maximal growth rate of followers

21 reviews for Instagram Pakiet PROFESSIONAL (3 months for the price of 2)

  1. Paweł Mirski (verified customer)

    For my Instagram with wooden handicrafts, it's a bull's eye. Posts get loads of views, I get a dozen messages a week. The cost of the service has also paid me back a long time ago because new fans wanted to buy my craftworks 🙂 Thanks.

  2. Hanna Czajka (verified customer)

    I have commissioned Insta Max 3 accounts, I do not have to bother with promoting posts in turn. The time saved is priceless, it is worth trying

  3. Mariusz Brzeski (verified customer)

    The effects are there and there is no doubt about it, after 3 months I had 1700 fans. Could be a little cheaper then I'd give 5/5

  4. Wojtek Dann (verified customer)

    This is the third agency with which he cooperates, we have developed 900 new fans. As for me, GREAT, bravo bravo. I'm staying with you guys!

  5. Borys Szulak (verified customer)

    There are hearts under the pictures, there are likes ❤ Let's goooooooooo!

  6. Wiktoria Bąk (verified customer)

    I was afraid that I would not gain quality fans, but I was wrong. Engagement and sales increase with the numbers. I don't know how you do it but keep doing that, thx 😉

  7. Anna Dworniak (verified customer)

    I have already used several services of this type, this one turns out to be the most effective. Finally, I achieved the effect, because new followers do react to my posts, which is what I care about the most.

  8. Błażej Reszel (verified customer)

    A huge plus for Insta Max for phone support! I wanted to do a month of intense IG campaign, I urgently needed a few tips - they always responded quickly and on time. Good cooperation

  9. Grzegorz Adamski (verified customer)

    Nice people, nice service. Finally, a company that speaks clearly to me and doesn't promise me the earth. The guitar is playing

  10. Grzegorz S. (verified customer)

    Customer service at the highest level! I hesitated, but Szymon answered all my questions. Works as it should, as promised.

  11. Adrian Antoch (verified customer)

    Fast and straight to the point, fair transaction. 521 fans came in 26 days, we'll see what happens next

  12. Aleks Murray (verified customer)

    My second month with Insta Max, over 1,460 followers came. I can recommend.

  13. Franciszek Tracz (verified customer)

    Targeting works surprisingly well. After the comments under the photos I can see that I finally get through to good people.

  14. Krystian Dębowiak (verified customer)

    On private profile +590, on company's profile +711 fans. It's OK, no shit

  15. Kamila Konieczna (verified customer)

    For two months I have been using it on the profile of my photo studio, it did a great job because I have more likes and comments, there were also a few Instagram clients interested in the photo shootings. It looks like it's working.

  16. Antek Dudzik (verified customer)

    The first month brought 500 fans, the second month around 730, now we are gaining 800 new fans a month. The rate is increasing, I can see that you are keeping your finger on the pulse

  17. Maciej Gorczyca (verified customer)

    Nice service, finally I feel that I work with people and not a corporation. I handle the accounts of my 4 clients, I use Insta Max for each of them. My clients are very happy, so am I. It's going to be a nice collaboration

  18. Arkadiusz Maciej Krasny (verified customer)

    Does the job. The best feature is the selection of the target group, because the number of observers and likes under content truly increases. I recommend !!!

  19. Ola Wojciechowska (verified customer)

    That's what I needed 🥰

  20. Marta L. (verified customer)

    After 2 days, the number of followers actually started to arrive. Involvement also increased. I will use!

  21. Nadia Sobolewska (verified customer)

    It has been few days since my consultation with Szymon, he explained everything to me and we turned on the service. Huge respect for the good explanation and answers, finally I know what is happening on my profile. There are effects visible, keep it up!

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