We develop sales and build personal brands on LinkedIn.

We do not boast about beautiful slogans, but only specific, measurable results… and so it goes for over 6 years!

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Our offer includes:

Lead generation

LinkedIn allows you to reach specific groups of users.

We use our original method of acquiring contacts, thanks to which we reach directly to people who have the best chance of becoming your clients.

Personal branding

30,000 contacts – that’s how many people can end up in your direct network on LinkedIn.

We know how to get them and, above all, how to use them to build your strong and stable expert position in the industry.

Training and consulting

Over 80% of LinkedIn profiles are organized in an incorrect and therefore ineffective manner.

We audit your current profile and identify areas for improvement. Thus, we give you a huge advantage at the start of your adventure with LinkedIn.

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See what you will achieve with us:


You will take care of your image and build a professional personal brand.

We will expand your network with new, proven and valuable contacts. Then, we will do everything to make people get to know you, convince you, trust you, and as a result – benefit from your offer.

You will gain valuable contacts with people who want to work with you.

We will precisely define the group of recipients, then we will develop professional messages to finally carry out their effective delivery. As a result, we will provide you with fully hot leads, i.e. people interested in your offer and willing to learn even more about it.

You will learn how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Step by step, we will guide you through all aspects of successfully operating on this platform. Thanks to this approach, your promotion via LinkedIn will be cheaper and faster, and above all – it will provide you with a constant flow of new customers.

See that your customers are already waiting for you.

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Available packages

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Before we begin, find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why do campaigns last 30 days and concern shipping of min. 3000 messages?

The answer is very simple. The 30-day campaign, during which we carry out over 3,000 shipments, is a model that was created after many years of our labor. It consists of thousands of campaigns carried out for hundreds of customers, which allowed us to develop a proven system that brings efficient results – and at the optimal cost level.

What is the selection of recipient groups, and do you need it at all?

Yes! The key to the success of your campaign is precisely identifying potential customers and then effectively reaching them with a properly prepared message. To make sure that the shipment is carried out to the right people, all work is preceded by a thorough analysis of your business, competition, offer and the goal you want to achieve. Only on this basis, we create an individual profile of the ideal customer, i.e. a person who will most likely want to make use of your offer.


Campaign lasting min. 30 days

Precise selection of target groups (position, industry, region)

Shipping at least 80-120 invitations per day

35% -50% acceptability of invitations

399 zł


Campaign lasting min. 30 days

Precise selection of target groups (position, industry, region)

Shipping at least 80-120 invitations per day

35% -50% acceptability of invitations

+ Comprehensive profile audit on LinkedIn

+ Sending follow-up messages to new contacts

+ Dedicated telephone support


499 zł


+ Definition of a lead: a person who expressed interest in a product/service and left his contact (email, phone, calendly)

+ Individual selection of a group of recipients

+ Help in preparing a message in order to obtain a lead

+ Dedicated telephone support

+ Delivery time 15-60 days

+ Minimum purchase of 15 leads

Account for the effectiveness of the campaign!

from PLN 80 upwards

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