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Stop worrying about an algorithm that kills spontaneity
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We provide you with the most modern and innovative tool for building reach and engagement on Instagram. In addition, we guarantee the support of the best specialists in the industry who will be happy to help you develop your profile.


Each profile liking appears in notifications and Insta Max uses this feature of Instagram. Thanks to this feature, your profile can reach hundreds of real! people who become committed followers in accordance with the mechanics of Instagram.


Thanks to five years of experience on the market, we know how to reach people with similar interests as yours. Are you fashion, fitness or maybe photography aficionado? Great, we will find the best audience for you!


We have been specializing in the automation of Instagram profiles since 2015. We constantly cooperate with celebrities, companies and casual instagramers who want to create an effective earnings opportunity on Instagram.
I have been using Insta-Max’s services for almost a year, gaining 800-900 new observers per month. I chose this company because of its diligence and good contacts. Nobody else but Simon who handled the IG switch so well.
Matylda, Influencer

I am a tattoo artist, I heard about Simon from a friend. We talked, he introduced me to how the system works. Although I have used a similar service before, only now I am very satisfied. We reach people related to tattoos and every month the activity and followers increase. I also partook in Szymon’s consultation, who taught me how to additionally promote posts on FB and IG
Michael, Tattooer

What can I say. A job is done and that is good. It was hard for me to convince myself of the purchase of the service. I called Szymon, we chatted, I tried it. I’ve been using it for 6 months, gaining new followers every day. I respect the good contact and flexibility of the service.
Tomek, Personal Trainer

The best solutions at the best price!


You will take care of your image and build a professional personal brand.

Cooperation with us is a small financial investment that will provide you with the comfort of creating content in a calm manner. We’ll do the rest 🙂

Social Media and Automation on Instagram have been our specialization since 2015.

Our team consists of the best specialists in the country in the Social Media industry. We follow all Instagram updates every day to provide you with the most proven solutions on the market.

We are available for you, every day, at any time of the day or night.

Our goal is to guarantee your profile more popularity and reach, which in turn will bring you the opportunity to earn money effectively on Instagram.
We work with thousands of satisfied customers: companies, salons, celebrities, trainers and micro influencers.

See that your new followers are already waiting for you.

Packages available

Until the end of the promotion of the Professional package, there are:









+ Campaign lasting min. 30 days

+ Targeted Followers

+ Increased engagement on your profile

+ 300-800 new Followers

$ 79


F+ Campaign lasting min. 30 days

+ Precise selection of target groups

+ High Targeted Followers

+ Increased engagement on your profile

+ Comprehensive profile audit (by phone)

+ Dedicated telephone support

+ 500-1200 new followers

$ 149

$ 79


+ Service – min. 10 accounts

+ Full client onboarding

+ Confidentiality agreement, no contact from our side with the client

+ Increased engagement on profiles

+ 98% effectiveness in reaching Poles


Before we get started, find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the quality of the new followers? Where are they from?
All the people who observe you are from Poland. Based on our experience and many years of testing, we managed to reach 95% of Polish users. There is no fake-out or deception here! Each person is watching you automatically!
What is the selection of recipient groups and do you need it at all?
Yes! The key to the success of your campaign is precisely defining potential recipients. After making the payment, we will contact you to determine the appropriate group of recipients.

Do you have other questions?

Email us: kontakt@insta-max.pl 

In order to discuss individual packages and consultations, please contact us by e-mail


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